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Inducted into the
New England Morgan Horse Hall of Fame
Jackie Ross

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Jackie's parents, Charles and Charlotte Ross, established Taproot Morgan Horse Farm in Hinesburg, Vermont, in the early 60's. Shortly after the purchase of UVM Harmony her family re-located to Washington, DC, when her father was appointed by President Kennedy to serve as a Commissioner on the Federal Power Commission. Jackie was most fortunate to be able to start her career at the newly designed and very competitive Potomac Horse Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland, under the direction of Colette Stevens and Lockie Richards. She received top instruction for herself and for "Harmony". Together they learned and mastered the many variables that go into competing in the eventing and dressage worlds. At that point, Jackie did not realize the uniqueness of what they were doing as ambassadors for the breed. Harmony and Jackie went on to compete very successfully in one and three-day events through the Preliminary level throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, as well as returning to Vermont to compete.

Not only has Jackie been ambassador for the breed in the sport horse arena, she has committed long hours and tireless effort to this horse show. A few of her accomplishments include: Co-Chair of the New England Morgan Horse Breeder's Futurity; Coordinated the formation and operation of the New England Youth Center; Directed the yearly Children's Stick Horse Class at the New England Show; Co-Chaired the New England Parade of Past Champions Exhibition; Chaired the New England Breeder's Yearling Class; and was the New England Show Representative for both the Jumping and Dressage Divisions. Most recently she was also a member of the $10,000 New England Breeder's Challenge Committee.

In 2011, she was awarded the AMHA Golden Reins Award for her "professional contributions to the advancement, development and presentation of the Morgan horse."

Jackie says, "To be inducted into the New England Morgan Horse Hall of Fame is indeed a very special honor and one that is made even more special since this is the Year of the Sport Horse. It is amazing that no longer are there a spattering of sport horses here at New England and other Morgan shows but that the hunters and Western horses, the dressage and jumpers and the carriage driving horses each are recognized as important contributors to the success of these shows. Back when I started eventing and dressage there was no "Sport Horse" terminology or grouping. I was so fortunate starting out, to have had the quality of instruction that I did in the principles and application of dressage for they have served both myself and my students and horses well, be it in classical or Western dressage, carriage driving, eventing, jumping, or hunters and Western horses!"

As William Foster says: "Quality is always a result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillfull execution." The New England Morgan Horse Show is proud to induct into the Northampton Hall of Fame, Jackie Ross.


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